Abhilash KP
Aug 20, 2022

There is beauty in the cosmos
In the valley and the plains
and the floras and the grains,
in the ugliest of summers,
and the drenchiest of rains.

In the machoest of mens,
In the curvymost of lens,
In the pride that I take when I face
the ghastliest of pains.

In the shadows in vain,
The farmer breeding hens,
The worker moving cranes, and
the smartest of brains.

In the ego going dense,
In the big black stains,
In the hurdles that you jump over
after you climb the fence.

Beauty is in the gold and the blue,
In the coal that is old
and the diamond that is new,
But keep in mind, that you will find,
Beauty in tragedy too.




Abhilash KP

Extremely online. I love writing; Poems, Articles. First I spend a lot of time deep in thought, then I spend a lot of time regretting the deep thoughts.