Abhilash KP
1 min readDec 28, 2018


You take out the steel lighter,

and you burn it;

and send spikes of your doom

while your eyes get brighter.

You open the green bottle,

gallons of disgrace flowing out,

and you send streams of your doom,

while your mouth goes boom!

Oh you go wild over the peeps,

wild like an awake demon,

you strike with such thrill,

sometimes you almost kill;

you play with a petal, while

one is awaiting you,

keeping strong faith of

you coming back home.

You betray them all,

even the most peaceful of souls,

and when you’ll realize,

that time won’t come back at a price,

oh my worthy mate,

you’ll seek…


[November 2012]



Abhilash KP

Extremely online. I love writing; Poems, Articles. First I spend a lot of time deep in thought, then I spend a lot of time regretting the deep thoughts.