Not tonight

Abhilash KP
1 min readJul 23, 2022

I want to talk about how I always sound rude

I want to talk about how they say I’m a fake prude

Want to scream my agonizing pains in glory,

How little I care, how little I’m moved.

Want to share how he was never there

Want to blame on everything how it wasn’t just fair

to be high-horsed and every time that I burst

I want to say that I just wasn’t aware.

I want to make a few cuts and bruises

on my hand, and for my deeds, just give few excuses

and never take it on me on how I behaved

and just mumble on, let the listener become clueless.

I want to start again, but life won’t allow it

And, in some metaphysical sense, she tells me to tow it

To stop the tears coming out off the fake ether

And she tells me to incessantly just to move it.

But I cannot lie, in despair I find some pleasure so bright

And I got a lot to tell so keep your ears open wide,

How little I cared, I just wasn’t aware

It’s all ending soon, just not tonight.



Abhilash KP

Extremely online. I love writing; Poems, Articles. First I spend a lot of time deep in thought, then I spend a lot of time regretting the deep thoughts.