Rays of the Sun

Abhilash KP
Nov 11, 2022

Rays of the sun
at 7am fresh
kissing my cheeks,
my bones, my flesh.

Rays of the sun
lighten my my dear Rosie
I take her for a walk
her hair shine, she pants in joy,
which isn’t always easy.

Rays of the sun
woke up my lover
her pretty smile
is a sight I wanna lose never.

Rays of the sun
fill aroma in my face,
waking her up through curtain slit
I fall peacefully in her grace.

Rays of the sun
make the bushes dance
no substance they need,
at 7am they go in a trance.

Rays of the sun
a new hope in me they lay,
the reaper even looks at me,
smiles, and goes away.

Rays of the sun
oh, tell this human,
to spread wings like you do,
to embrace the doom
like you do.



Abhilash KP

Extremely online. I love writing; Poems, Articles. First I spend a lot of time deep in thought, then I spend a lot of time regretting the deep thoughts.