The Crime

Abhilash KP
1 min readMar 30, 2019

Our Saturday’s are

filled with sorrow,

“Will I have enough wealth

the year tomorrow?”

My nights go

always in distress,

and I am down that

life is such a mess.

My days are always,

filled with fear,

“Was I misunderstood,

did I make it enough clear?”

Race and competition,

is the motto of our time,

to not be evil

is the biggest crime.

Money is the aim

of one and all,

thin may be the roads,

but be the buildings tall.

One hates the second

and second, the other,

and they forget they are

human sister, and brother.

Complex are lives

of even those who earn well,

en route to success

of no joy they could tell.

Come together

hand in hand,

we have but one birth,

money is the root of all

evil out on Earth.

They charge me with the crime

of this ideology filthy,

to this charge of theirs, proudly,

I plead guilty.



Abhilash KP

Extremely online. I love writing; Poems, Articles. First I spend a lot of time deep in thought, then I spend a lot of time regretting the deep thoughts.