Abhilash KP
2 min readMar 4, 2020

What exactly is the meaning of a human life?

Birth, life, death, rotting of the body,

At the end, every body is there to rot,

Every mineral extracted from the core of the earth,

is there to rust,

Every series of neurons dazzling in the mind,

in the form of thoughts,

is to vanish,

Every body is there to rot.

What exactly is the meaning of life?

Searching for happiness in small things,

Looking for the bigger picture,

Exasperatingly searching and searching and searching,

for the truth,

For the connection all atoms and there charges makes with each other,

All universe expands in the realm of the brain,

The brain expands in the realm of the mighty universe,

Searching for happiness in small things.

How much miserable can a human body get?

How much misery can a well fed, well earning,

supposed to be happy,

human being,


Where is the joy I cannot find it?

Everyone is sadistic in their outlooks,

Everyone looks for joy, yet no ones joyful,

Millions starve everyday, how to fend it?

I think the only way, is to end it!

How much miserable can we get?

Aren’t we but microbes in the face of evolution?

I keep thinking and I keep dreaming,

When the day will come when this all will end,

When the sweet melody will rhyme continuously,

in my ears,

I constantly tear,

And I forever fear,

Whether all this whole I was trying to fall,

Whether all this whole, why did I not crawl,

Whether all this whole, was I washed ashore,

Whether all this whole, why didn’t I wish more?

So I write this,

and my bulky eyes swell,

I get up I wonder, how could I do even little well?

I gather the frosty

water and the mug,

and I pour the dulcet, the divine, the chug,

The only way to pass from the cradle to the cist;

To drink up a bottle of tonic and mist.

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Abhilash KP

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